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4 Amazing YouTube Features That You Might Not Know

As of June 2017, YouTube has 1.5 billion logged in users who visit the platform every month, making it the biggest video-sharing platform. Tens of millions of viewers use the website every day to watch videos and share them through mobile devices and social media. Even if the videos are not getting enough views, YouTubers can also Buy Real YouTube Views. The features that made YouTube stand out among other video-sharing sites previously were playlists, subtitles, excellent speed, low and high resolutions and option for playback; however, in the past few months, the platform has introduced some remarkable new features that many users are unaware of.

Flexible Format

YouTube features flexible format for viewers watching videos on their mobiles phones. This will adapt the aspect ratio of any video, whether it is filmed horizontally or vertically, which means you will no longer see black bars or mattes on the sides of videos. The features will not only improver user experience, but will also provide opportunities for video makers. It makes YouTube a great platform for content creators and brands to showcase their ad formats that are shot vertically. With thoughtful planning and implementation, markets can also use YouTube to effectively build brand recognition as well as achieve various business objectives.

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In-app Messaging and Sharing

Previously, users had to leave the app to share a video link with their friends; however, now they can chat and share videos with their friends within the app. This can help video makers to retain users and increase average app engagement time. With the introduction of this update, YouTube has become more of a social platform, like Facebook and Instagram.

Double-tap to Skip Ahead

It is understandable how sometimes it can be difficult to get just the right spot in a video considering the inherent inaccuracy of a touchscreen. Hence, for the ease of their users, YouTube came up with this feature that not many people know of. The feature enables users to skip forward 10 seconds of a video simply by tapping twice on the video.  If you think the double tap is not working well for you, you can also alter the skip time through Settings. You can choose the time from five to sixty seconds, considering what seems to work best for you.

YouTube TV

Thanks to YouTube TV, the social media platform is not just a website to watch informational and humorous videos anymore; in fact, it has turned into a full-blown content streaming service. You can use YouTube TV to live stream direct broadcasts of FOX, ABC, CBS, The CW, NBC along with forty other cable channels. However, the service is not free of cost, but it is a great initial step towards completely cutting the cord and getting rid of cable TV. Moreover, for users who wish to see on-demand content, YouTube Tv comes with its own DVR feature that has unlimited storage.

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