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August 2017

How to Make Money through YouTube?

Usually, people think of YouTube as a platform to watch music videos, find instructional tutorials or look for entertaining content to kill time. However, did you know that YouTube can be a source of making big money? While generating revenue with YouTube videos takes a lot of effort and time, it is all worth when you can receive a great deal of income.

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Google AdSense

The most common way to earn money through YouTube is to make use of Google AdSense. Start by setting up a Google AdSense account and connect it with your YouTube account. Through this the YouTuber receives money for every video viewed and ad clicked. Your AdSense earnings will depend on the number of views that a video gets and how many times the advertisements are clicked. To get more viewers, you can Buy Real YouTube Views for a very cheap price. High clicks and engagement are more significant than the number of total views, but clicks depend on views. With more viewers, there are greater chances of getting clicks. To promote your video, you should share it on other social networks as well as forums, blogs, message boards etc. Embed your video on various websites or share its link so that users can watch it on YouTube. However, it is important to avoid spamming as that can result in less number of views for the video.

AdSense account can be created without any investment, and to receive the revenue, you will need to have PayPal or bank account along with a valid physical mailing address. Although there is not certain amount of money that you can make, as it varies depending on the video’s engagement levels, you can earn anywhere between 30 cents and $10 on 1000 views.


If you closely observe some successful YouTubers, you will find out that most of them have sponsorships in their recorded videos. Usually, video makers themselves look for opportunities and sign the deal. What makes sponsorships great is the fact that you do not have to give any money to YouTube. Also, depending on the size of your audience and the impressions your videos receive, you can negotiate whatever contract you want. As seen in most cases, the amount of revenue generated from sponsorships is significantly greater than money made through YouTube ads. However, the good thing is that you can use both sponsorships and ads at the same time and have two sources of income from the same video.

Selling Videos

Another way to make money through YouTube is to sell your video content, however to do this you will require a lot of time and effort. Start by creating a YouTube channel and build a reliable audience. Post interesting and engaging content that your viewers would like to see and build a brand name. Once you have established a good reputation and brand identity, it is time to drive traffic to your own website or landing pages, where the viewers will have to pay to see more of your content.

How to Promote your Brand on YouTube?

YouTube is the most widely used video sharing platform that allows users to stream and post videos for free and make decent money out of it. Since the last few years, along with being an entertainment hub, the platform is also being used for marketing and promoting brands. However, for effective promotion, it is necessary to get your videos viewed by a huge audience. To increase the viewers, you can Buy Real YouTube Views at a very economical price.



Call to Action


It is pretty common to see annotations in YouTube videos that encourage viewers to follow the company on Twitter or subscribe to their channel. These annotations are called call to action and very important to use, asking audience to take action. You can use different call to action including:

  • Subscribe to your channel
  • Leave a comment
  • Like the video
  • Follow you on other social media platforms
  • Watch more videos
  • Share the video

With the use of these annotations you allow users to engage and interact with your brand.



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Video Descriptions


An excellent way to promote your brand on YouTube is to place the links to your website, fan pages and profiles in the descriptions of your videos. You can ask viewers to check out the links in the video descriptions to keep up with the behind the scenes, latest updates, news about the brand and much more. Moreover, video descriptions can be used for messages and announcements as well.  Make sure you add the significant links or details in the first few rows of text, as the rest of the description is hidden until the user clicks on the ‘show more’ option.

Video Titles


The title of the video plays a vital role in getting audience attention. Naturally, YouTube surfers are more likely to watch a video that has a catchy title as compared to the ones with boring or simple titles. Also, with the use of an attractive title and high-quality content your video has greater chances of trending number one on YouTube. The more number of clicks that a video receives, the better are its chances of trending in the top videos on YouTube. Furthermore, a unique title can also result in the video going viral on many other social media networks and hence, promoting your brand.

Paid Advertisement


Another very common way to get more people to know your brand is to go for paid advertisement on YouTube. A creatively designed YouTube ad will get your company recognized within national as well as in the international market as YouTube is a global platform. When creating an advert, there are certain factors that every marketer should keep in mind, including the format of the ad, targeting the right audience and the type of the video. Since YouTube advertisements are relatively expensive, make sure you make full use of it to gain benefits.

How to be a Successful YouTuber?

If you are not using YouTube to showcase yourself or your brand then you are missing out on something really important. As of 2017, YouTube has 1.5 billion logged-in monthly users, which makes it a great platform to reach a broader audience.

Grow your Audience

Getting more people to watch your videos can be a little tricky and time consuming, which is why many YouTubers Buy Real YouTube Views for immediate results. However, there are some tips that you can use to grow your audience. Post useful and great quality videos by creating unique content that is relevant to the viewers. Video titles and descriptions are very important components that will be noticed first. You should pay special attention to these while making sure they are accurate, clear and attractive. Include a call-to-action button into the video to attract users. After you have developed a following, it is time to analyze the audience. Take a moment to see the type of users who are your regular viewers. YouTube Analytics is a very powerful tool that helps you collect a wealth of customer data including the demographic information, gender, age and location.

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Creating a content strategy

Once you have identified who your viewers are and what they are interested in, the next step is to create a content marketing strategy for your YouTube channel. Before creating the video, keep your goal in your mind. For instance, if your goal is to simply drive traffic, then you should add a call-to-action button with a link directing to your company’s website. Secondly, try to determine to kinds of videos that your audience wants to see; do they prefer how-to tutorials, testimonials or product descriptions? Lastly, a publishing schedule is another important step so that users know when to expect new content. An excellent quality video after every month is good enough.

Interacting with the Audience

You might have created a channel and managed to get a lot of viewers, however to keep the audience coming back to your channel, you must engage them. After uploading the video, spare a few minutes to respond to the comments that viewers make. Moderate the comments on your channel as much as possible. Remove the comments that are offensive or abuse so that you can create a friendlier environment for your viewers. Moreover, you can also ask simple questions from the audience, such as Yes/No questions or voting questions. This will help promote good discussion among your viewers.