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Keep Track of Your Performance with YouTube Analytics

Did you know more than 300 hours of video content is uploaded on YouTube every minute? With competition as tough as this, it can be challenging to keep track of how your videos are performing. Hence, YouTube Analytics offer YouTubers an in-depth look into their video’s performance as well as helpful insights on improving their overall channel. By successfully navigating through the YouTube Analytics and viewing the following reports, you can build a healthy channel that will help you earn more revenue and attract more daily views. Another way to increase views is to Buy Real YouTube Views.

Engagement Reports


There are various things to check when monitoring engagement:

  • Likes and dislikes: This displays a summary of the likes and dislikes your video received. The report shows net change so it adds the likes or dislikes received and subtracts the number of likes or dislikes removed.
  • Comments: This shows the number of comments your video is getting
  • Sharing: This illustrates how many times your video has been shared along with the social platform it is shared on.
  • Subscribers: This provides the number of subscribers you have lost and gained over a specific course of time.
  • Annotations: This reveals information about how your video annotations are doing along with their close rate and click-through-rate.



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Watch Time Reports


You will find the most valuable in this section of the YouTube analytics. These reports can help you figure out how different video content and their quality are keeping your audience engaged. The watch time statistics are considered as a key metric by YouTube as they are used in the platform’s algorithm to determine your video’s ranking in search results and recommendations.

  • Views: This simply shows how many times your video has been watched and is considered as the most basis measurement of video’s success.
  • Watch time: This enables you to view a more accurate breakdown of how engaging your video content is because it measures the estimated time audience watched the video.
  • Audience Retention: This illustrates how good your video is doing to maintain its audience. You can see the duration of each video your viewers are watching along with the parts that are causing users to abandon the video.




Earnings Report


The estimated earnings report will help you determine the earnings derived from YouTube Red, ad earnings and from transactions, like fan funding and paid content. You can also view earning-related details for partner content and at channel and video levels. The metrics that you need to pay special attention to include:

  • Earnings: This is the total estimated amount earned from all Google-sold advertising and non-advertising sources for a chosen region and date range.
  • Ad Earnings: Here you can view the total estimated earnings from all Google-sold advertising sources only for a chosen region and date range.
  • Red Partner Revenue: It is the total estimated revenue earned via YouTube Red subscriptions, reflecting earnings from both music and non-music content.

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