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September 2017

Branding on YouTube

With proper branding, you give your viewers something recognizable and familiar, which will make them check out your videos and subscribe to your channel.

Introduction Video

A creative and engaging introduction will make your videos more memorable as well as help you build a better brand recognition and get more viewers. You can also Buy Real YouTube Views to increase your viewership. Brand introductions are short videos that can be added in the beginning of the videos to promote you channel. To set up an introduction video, you need to upload a three-second video as an unlisted video. Click on “Add a channel branding intro” and select the video you would like to use. Choose the videos in which you want the introduction video to appear. You are done once you click on “Save and create intro”.

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Featured Videos/Playlists

Besides introduction videos, you can also add a featured playlist or video. It is a great way to get more views as well as provide viewers with additional resources. The setting up process is pretty simple; select the option “Feature a video” from your Channel’s in-video programming page and choose the type of video you want to feature. If you want to feature a particular playlist or video, then you can also enter a YouTube video URL or select from your own uploads. A featured video consistently appears across all devices in the bottom left corners and will include a label with the video information, appearing when viewers hover over the video icon. This can be an excellent chance to promote collaborations with fans and brand partners.


Another way to market your brand through videos is to add watermarks. You can add the brand logo or any image that could represent your business on social networks. Use a transparent background and only a single color in the image, as it will be overlaid with opacity. The watermark will appear in the top right corner of the videos in all devices. By hovering over it, viewers will be able to directly subscribe to your channel.

Do You Know About YouTube Kids?

Although Google launched YouTube Kids in February 2015, still not many people are aware of the dedicated version of the website. It is a separate version of YouTube, specifically designed and tailored for children. Following the introduction of this platform, YouTube has received quite positive response with more monthly users and viewers. Talking of viewers, a good way to increase your viewer count is to Buy Real YouTube Views.


The YouTube Kids interface features colorful icons, large images and carefully chosen launch videos on the main home screen. You will find four sections including Music, Shows, Explore and Learning along with options for timer settings and search videos. The feature to search videos provides users access to YouTube’ primary database of videos, but the results displayed on YouTube Kids are filtered for safe content. Moreover, other options include parental controls, completely disabling searching, capping the volume and limiting screen time. The passcode feature enables parents to customize a personal passcode and restrict children’s access. You will also notice that the YouTube Kids app does not display any comments section.

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One of the many ways how YouTube Kids is different from the usual YouTube video sharing service is that the content on this version has been narrowed down to make it appropriate for kids. YouTube Kids limits the amount of content on the service to family-friendly channels, videos and educational clips. The most popular channels include Jim Henson TV, DreamWorks TV, Talking Tom and Friends, Mother Goose Club and many more similar ones. As mentioned above, you can browse playlists and channels in four categories: Music, Explore, Learning and Shows. Users can also search for videos that they are particularly interested in by tapping the search icon and keying in their query with either voice or text input.

Parental controls

Probably the best feature of this version of YouTube is the parental control options. Parents can enter their passcode and access settings, where they can control sounds and music. They can also choose to let their kids search for videos or not. If the searching is disabled, children will only be able to watch videos in the highlighted category. The website offers children a safe place to watch fun and interesting content, without making parents worried. Another very useful parental control feature is the lack of likes, comments, subscriptions and popularity based on views. This means the platform is a pretty simple app for watching videos without any social aspect to it. Furthermore, parents do not have to worry about their kids watching videos for prolonged durations, as the timer feature will notify kids when it is time to stop using the website. Parents can designate the time allowed via the settings menu.


Like every other Google service, YouTube Kids also includes adverts. However, similar to the rest of the website, these advertisements are also tailored for children. This means that your kids will not see anything content that is not appropriate for them, even in the ads.