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How to Create Video Ads on YouTube?

YouTube’s constantly growing prominence in popular culture has made it a highly effective venue for accessing huge audiences through online advertising. You can use YouTube ads or Buy Real YouTube Views attract a lot of viewers and subscribers for your channel.

In-Stream Video Ads

This is the most popular YouTube advertisement format that plays the ad before or during another video from YouTube partner. The good thing about in-stream video ads is that you do not need to pay unless the viewer watches your video for thirty seconds or until the end of the video. So, if a user skips before thirty seconds, you do not have to pay a penny. The ad format allows you to create videos longer than thirty seconds, which means you can experiment with different video ad durations. Since you pay the same amount whether the ad is watched for thirty seconds or more, you get more exposure with longer videos for the same price. In fact, according to studies, longer videos usually perform better than the shorter ones. The reason for this could be that longer videos develop a richer story, keeping the viewers engaged. Moreover, In-stream ads also allow for interest, contextual and demographic targeting.

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In-Slate Video Ads

These ads appear before the YouTube partner videos that are ten minutes or longer. Viewers have a choice to select one of the three ads they would like to see or alternatively, they can choose to see regular commercial breaks during the video.

In-Search Video Ads

Appearing above or to the right of the regular YouTube search results, in-search video ads work in the same way as text ads in Google search. Although, these video ads use the same strategies that are used to create AdWords text ads, YouTube advertising marketing is relatively less saturated. This means the advertisers who fail to compete for popular keyword terms on Google search can get traction on YouTube.

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