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Awesome Ideas for YouTube Video Thumbnails

Are you worried that your videos on YouTube are not getting enough views? One possible reason for this could be boring and uninteresting video thumbnails. Nonetheless, you can Buy Real YouTube Views to increase your viewers or work on the thumbnail images. A thumbnail is the first thing that users notice when they come across your video. It acts as a miniate marketing poster, drawing viewer’s attention to your content and compelling them to watch the video.

Different Sizes and Formats

All across the platform as well as outside the platform and on different devices, thumbnails appear in various sizes and formats. This is why it is important to make sure the thumbnail looks appealing in whether it is small or big. An easy way to test the image before uploading is to zoom in and out of your thumbnail after you are done with putting it together. Also, don’t forget to consider how the thumbnail will appear on the desktop and mobile. According to YouTube, the recommended size for a thumbnail is less than two megabytes with a resolution of 1280 pixels by 720 pixels.


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Compelling Images

You only have a few seconds to help the viewer decide whether they should watch your video or not and the thumbnail of your video will play a very crucial role in that decision. Thumbnail images that are visually appealing, well-framed and have good competition are most likely to make your video stand out. To make the thumbnail appealing, think about how you can incorporate branding and color. For instance, hues that contrast against YouTube’s white background work quite well. Also pay attention to the emotion you want to illicit in users that will encourage them to click, such as curiosity, anger, happiness etc. A good way to tease the mood of the video is to feature a close-up face. Many YouTubers use text overlay in their thumbnails, which is another way of creating compelling imagery. Think about the composition of text and colors used along with the font choice that will engage your viewers. You can also give viewers a sneak preview without click-baiting.

Make it Stand Out

From a marketer’s point of view, it is really important for your brand’s videos to stand out and be watched more than the competitors’. Thumbnails are one of the factors that can make YouTube videos stand out. To stay ahead in the game, it is important to perform a competitive analysis and see notice what your competitors are doing. Search for specific videos or channels on YouTube that are similar to the topic of your videos. Study the thumbnails used and think about what kind of thumbnails you can use to make your videos get noticed more. Depending on the niche and topic of your videos, you have a lot of opportunity to make your videos become a must-click content by using unique thumbnails.


While the main image of each video thumbnail should be different and relevant to the video content, consistency is a good practice that helps in building brand awareness. This way, viewers can easily identify videos from your channel within recommendations, search or their subscription feeds. You can also go back to your old videos and update them with new refreshed thumbnails. This will not only give your channel a consistent look and feel, but will also help boost views on older content.

Catchy Titles

As important as it is to use compelling thumbnail images, you cannot neglect the significance of using catchy video titles to pair with the thumbnail. The title should be accurate and not misleading or click-baiting. Although the best titles are the ones that accurately represent the content, you can be creative and tease what viewers will see in the video. As per YouTube’s recommendation, title should be concise, having up to sixty characters, with important information in the beginning. You should also make sure that your titles do not get cut off in the search results or suggested videos.

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