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October 2017

How to Use Cards in YouTube Videos?

Are you looking to leverage your awesome YouTube videos to drive more newsletter sign-ups, donations and supporter engagement? All these objectives can be fulfilled using cards in your YouTube videos. You can also Buy Real YouTube Views to increase engagement. YouTube cards provide you the opportunity to direct visitors to other links in an attractive and eye-catching way. You can use these cards in the following ways:

Selling Merchandise

The Merchandise YouTube Card enables the creators to add an image, a good call to action and a link to a URL. Businesses can use it to encourage customers to visit their retail landing page. When a user clicks anywhere on the image on the card, they are directed to a landing page on the creator’s website, where they can buy the products. To make the card effective, you should optimize the landing page as much as possible by adding full description of the products and uploading product reviews and testimonials. Use a high-quality eye-catching image that can make viewers click on it. A strong call to action is another important element to include.

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Link to Video or Playlist

These cards will help you guide the viewer to an individual YouTube video or a YouTube playlist that you have created. This will not only offer more value to the viewer, but will also significantly impact on the watch-time of your channel, which is a vital factor for YouTube rankings. Video or Playlists Cards cannot be customized, but you can optimize the playlist title to attract users.


Charities and non-profit organizations can use YouTube Fundraising Cards to link interested viewers to their projects listed on the YouTube-approved fundraising sites. This is an excellent way to raise awareness for a cause. It is important to thoroughly optimize your campaign landing page so that viewers know why they should support your cause.