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How to Optimize your YouTube Videos?

Similar to optimizing your social media posts or blog content, YouTube videos also require the same attention to detail so that they can be listed higher in the platform ranking. This can increase your subscribers count as well as help you score precious views. You can also Buy Real YouTube Views to increase your viewer count. However, YouTube video optimization is much simpler and quicker. Here are some ways to optimize videos to get maximum views.


Optimizing your video thumbnail is another must-do for all YouTube creators. Although they are not directly related to search engines, adding a relevant thumbnail can convert users passing on your video to subscribers. Default thumbnails are not very flattering and do not make your videos appear as content that is “must click”. On the other hand, custom thumbnails can make your channel appear more polished, professional and trustworthy at a glance. Various brands make use of consistent color scheme throughout their thumbnails so that their videos are more recognizable to repeat viewers. You do not need to be a graphic designer to come up with compelling thumbnails; there are many online toots that allow you to create a thumbnail graphics from scratch. Using attractive thumbnails are another way of driving clicks to your content. Even if you do not use a dedicated thumbnail template, make sure you do not stick with the default random snapshot that YouTube has picked for you.

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The most crucial piece of YouTube video optimization is coming up with an interesting and appealing title. This is just like an H1 or title tag in a blog post, where phrases and keywords can be very significant in increasing your videos’ visibility through YouTube as well as search engines. When crafting a title for your video, you should optimize it for both, YouTube and Google search results. Moreover, you need to keep in mind the number of characters to include in the title. For Google search, using more than seventy characters can risk your title getting cut off. If there are any keywords that you are targeting on your website or on other social media profiles, then make sure you use them in your video title. Since YouTube can pick up on related terms, do not be afraid to use them rather than repeating the same title over and over again. For instance, for how-to videos, related terms can be ‘tutorial’, ‘guide’ or ‘instructions’.


If you are on the hunt for rankings, then video descriptions definitely deserve your attention. A video’s description might seem like a little more than a place to summarize video content; however, in terms of YouTube optimization, descriptions are one of the most important aspect for driving more traffic and scoring new leads. The best practice is to treat YouTube video descriptions similar to how you would craft a meta description on a blog using keywords. With a limit of 5,000 characters, you have a lot of opportunity to insert phrases naturally, while at the same time, giving a clear overview of what your video is about. More importantly, descriptions are the ideal way to include links that can lead viewers to your website. Consider your descriptions as a launchpad from your YouTube channel to include whatever call to action you are currently promoting. There is no need to fill them with spam when you have plenty of space for keywords and links.


Social media users still debate on how important tags are in terms of YouTube SEO in 2017; however, conventional wisdom tells that tags can be very useful for making sure that your video pops up in the “related searches”. Since YouTube provides a word limit of 500 words for tags, you have a generous amount of space to insert relevant terms for the video. For best YouTube practices, it is important to ensure you do not stuff tags, but instead, use related and colloquial keywords that are relevant to your video. You do not necessarily need to obsess over tags, but even the smallest aspect of YouTube video optimization can result in more views.


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