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How to Increase your Visibility in YouTube search Results?


Hundreds of hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube each minute, and every month, more than six billion hours of video are watched. With so much content on the platform, it is natural to wonder how your videos and your channel can break through the news and be more visible. To make your videos rank higher in the YouTube search results, you need to get views, lots and lots of views. While you can Buy Real YouTube Views, here are some other ways to help you promote your videos for more views.


Video Optimization


When you are ready to upload your creation on YouTube, first you need to make sure its quality is good enough. Secondly, you will have to optimize it to increase its chances of appearing higher in the search results. Include keywords in the title, but keep the title brief. Make sure you don’t forget to target keywords that are relevant and relevant to the content of your video. The title should be able to accurately tell user what they will see in your video, so they are not disappointed when they watch the video to find out it is about something else entirely. Also, keeping the title short will prevent it from getting cut off in the search results. Moreover, you also need to focus on the description of the video. Since only the first few sentences show up in the platform’s search results, make the first 100 words count. Here are some tips for good video descriptions:

  • Text must be between 250 to 300 words. Avoid long texts because most users do not read them until the end.
  • Mention the keywords in the first paragraph, so that the main topic of your video is clear.
  • Include links to your blog, website or other social media networks to keep people interested in you. However, too much information can also prevent users from watching your video.



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Cross Promotion


Cross promotion is a very important element of your marketing campaign, especially if you are managing multiple channels on YouTube. You can use the platform’s cross promotion tools and mix and match the best from all the channels in one place. To do this, either add cross promotion sections or multi-channel sections to the main channel. The latter option will allow you to feature other channels that you love own, while effectively turning your channel into a single spot for viewers to access and subscribe to all your content. For instance, you can use the main channel to highlight your tutorial or customer channel. These multi-channel sections are very beneficial for entertainment brands.

Consider the example of HBO that does an excellent job of highlighting content from its various programs. Their main YouTube channel includes a prominently-featured carousel of HBO related channels along with playlists for previews of their popular programming.  he cross-promotion sections enable you to feature any playlist from other channels as a section on your own channel. Your YouTube community consists of your most active fans, followers as well as other YouTube creators. Hence, take benefit of similar demographics and collaboration opportunities and cross-promote sections to showcase your content.




The use of subtitles in your videos in another aspect for YouTube search engine optimization. By adding subtitles, you not only make it possible to translate your content to other languages, but you also provide an option to people who want to watch the video sound or are hearing-impaired. The process of including subtitles is pretty simple. You only need to upload the words and sync the text according to the speed of the speech. In most cases, subtitles get you extra points to get ranked higher on YouTube.




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