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YouTube Reports to Collect Viewers’ Data

The key to building a successful YouTube is to understand who your audience is and how are they engaging with your content; and that is where the YouTube Analytics can help you. One of the many categories of the analytics are metrics that can help you determine how, when, where your videos are being watched. In this category, you will find various reports to obtain information about audience retention, playback location, demographics, devices and traffic. These can help you figure out how interesting your videos are and what type of content should you generate for higher views. You can also Buy Real YouTube Views to increase your viewer count.



The Watch Time Report


The report collects the data from YouTube to give you a better insight into views and watch time through graphs. Under these graphs, you will see tabs that can be used to filter the data by geography, subscription status, date, content type, subtitles and YouTube products. Moreover, there are also features to compare data for specific videos, see data by location or type of viewer, use unique cookies to estimate individual viewers and change the range or time metric. Noteworthy metrics in this report include:

  • Viewer Percentage: it is the percentage of logged in users who watched your video or playlist
  • Average View Duration: this is the average length of video playback in seconds
  • Views: the number of legitimate views for your videos or channels
  • Average View Percentage: it is the percentage of videos watched during a playback
  • Watch Time: the amount of time that a viewer has watched a video
  • Uniques: this is the number of unique viewers who watch a video
  • Estimated Minutes Watched: the number of minutes users watched videos for the specified video, channel, content owner or playlist.


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Audience Retention Report


This report shows you an overall measure of how well your videos are keeping its audience. It is a great way to see how much of your videos are watched before the viewer leaves. If the number is lower than you expected, then it is time for you to put efforts to create unique fresh content. In addition to this, there is an interactive map in the Audience Retention Report that shows where you video has been watched. The dark-colored region means that users in that location are watching longer as compared to those in light-colored areas. Also, the absolute audience retention curve allows you to see which parts of the video are the most important, while the relative audience retention shows how your video compares to YouTube videos of similar length. Other features to measure audience retention in the report are traffic for paid skippable video ads, organic traffic and traffic for paid display ads.



The Playback Locations Report


It is one of the most interesting reports for YouTubers who work with partners or collaborators. The report shows where your videos are being played. For example, you can know many views are generated through the embedded videos on YouTube or other websites.  And if it was watched on YouTube, you can also determine whether it was viewed directly on a channel’s page or from the video’s specific page. Noteworthy metrics in this report include:

  • YouTube Other:
  • YouTube Watch Page:
  • Embedded in External Apps and Websites:
  • YouTube Channel Page

The Traffic Sources Report


This is another very important report that shows the YouTube features and sites viewers used to find your content. It will let you know how well your content strategy is working, by showing the number of viewers who directly searched for your video on YouTube, clicked Suggested Videos thumbnails or followed links from social media networks. The traffic sources include:

  • Browse features
  • Direct or unknown sources
  • External sources
  • Notifications
  • Other YouTube features
  • Playlists
  • Suggested videos
  • Video cards and annotations
  • YouTube advertising
  • YouTube channels
  • YouTube search



The Devices Report


More than half of the YouTube traffic comes from the mobile devices. The Devices Report provides you information on the different operating systems and devices, including tablet, computer, mobile, TVs, gaming consoles, that users use to view your videos. Data collected from this report can help determine how efficient your outreach and advertising strategies are. The report can also influence the type of content you are sharing. For instance, if majority of your views are from mobile devices, then those 10-plus minute tutorials might need to be shortened for easy viewing.


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