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January 2018

The Benefits of Video Marketing

If you are a regular follower of digital marketing trends, you might be aware of the increasing trend of using videos that has shifted and shaped the world of marketing in 2017. And the trend continues to become more popular in 2018 as well. Here are some benefits of including video content in your marketing strategy.

Helps in Purchase-Decision

Usually, business-focused people do not realize the significance of videos and engagement. However, videos used for marketing can have a huge impact on your business, particularly sales. When a user views your video on YouTube, you do not want them to just hit the like button, instead, you want a viewer to be interested in buying from you. Speaking of YouTube, you can also Buy Real YouTube Views to increase your viewer count. It turns out that videos play a major role in purchase-decision process; 98% of the users admit watching an explainer video to learn more about a service or product and 90% of them agree that videos have been helpful in the decision process. One possible reason for this is that people who watch a video retain 95% of a message, while those who read the same content as text retain only 10%. Studies show that there are four times as many users who would prefer to watch a video about a product rather than read about it. Furthermore, Google’s research has shown that 50% of the internet users look for videos about a service or product before visiting the store.

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People Prefer Videos

Research has shown that one-third of the online activities involve watching videos, which is equivalent to 32.3 videos each month. A majority of users prefer video content rather than textual content, because they are easy to consume and fun to watch. Moreover, another study revealed that 25% of the customers tend to lose interest in a brand if their website does not feature a video and about 2/3rd of users claim that companies that use videos are better at reaching their customers. To make users watch your videos, come up with content that is fun, interesting and easy to understand. The videos shouldn’t be too long, neither too short. Statistics show videos with two-minute duration receive the most engagement. This is why users spend about two times more time with video than without.

More Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is among the major factors that drive visitors to an e-commerce store, which is why most companies spend a lot of time and money on getting linked to high-quality websites. Higher quality of a website means it can attract more organic traffic, and the quality is determined through the website’s bounce rate. A good way to reduce bounce rates is to provide your visitors with engaging content, and videos receive the highest level of engagement. Embedding videos on your website, you can attract more organic traffic. However, before you start including videos, it is important to understand that there are two types of videos. The first one are sales-focused, which consist of customer testimonials, promotional videos and demos. Whereas, the second type are engagement-focused videos that aim to educate users and make them aware of your brand. Statistically, 62% of businesses that use videos on their websites think that it has helped increase the organic traffic they receive.

Improved Conversion Rates

Videos can also increase your conversion rate as they play a significant role in the purchase decision process. When shown an explainer video to teach about a product, 74% of the users ended up buying that product. Also, 77% of the customers say that they have been convinced to make a purchase after watching a video. This shows that videos not only boost engagement, but also help users pull the plug and buy your products or services. Websites that include videos in their marketing, receive 27% more click-through rates along with 34% higher web conversion rates. In addition to this, 76% of the brands who use video believe that it results in a good return on investment.



How to Promote your Videos on YouTube?

Considering that more than 300 hours of YouTube video are uploaded each minute, it has become extremely difficult to get users to notice you and view your videos. While you can  Buy Real YouTube Views, here are some simple and easy tactics to help you promote your channel and increase your subscribers.


Create Great Custom Thumbnails


With thumbnails, you have only a split second of a viewer’s attention when they decide which video to watch. Hence, make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to design a thumbnail that reinforces what your video is about. Since the thumbnail will also be used a video preview when a person embeds the video on their site, it is important to use an image with proper dimensions. According to Google’s recommendation, your thumbnail should:

  • Be uploaded in image formats such as .BMP, .GIF, .JPG, or .PNG.
  • Have a resolution of 1280 x 720 (minimum width of 640 pixels).
  • Have an aspect ratio of 16:9
  • Remain under the 2MB limit.

You can upload a custom thumbnail as soon you upload the video by choosing the option for custom thumbnail. If you want to add a custom thumbnail to an already-existing video, visit Video Manager and click Edit for that particular video and click on Custom Thumbnail.



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Use an Engaging Title


Besides thumbnails, users pay close attention titles. And that is how they decide what they are going to watch. Although it seems pretty simple, coming up with engaging and interesting titles can be challenging at times. A good video title should be descriptive enough to make users compelled to watch, and yet, no very long so that it is cut off when displayed. It should sound exciting, but no so over-the-top that it seems spammy. Don’t forget to include keywords in titles along with a couple of irresistibly clickable adjectives.

Use Calls to Action


Having a viewer watch your video and then leave halfway through it indicates that you have not put enough efforts to allow them to engage with your channel. According to YouTube, there are four major types of user actions, including: subscribing to the channel, watching more videos, leaving a comment and liking or sharing a video. To encourage users to take one or more of these actions, the use of call-to-action is recommended. Following are some options to add CTAs:

  • Video Descriptions: add a link to your website or your social media accounts in the description and ask people to click on the link.
  • Direct Host-Mentions: this is the style of video where the YouTuber talks to the camera and tells users what action to take.
  • End-cards: it works similar to simple cards, except that it appears at the end of the video and takes up the whole screen.

Allow Embedding Your Videos


When you upload videos to your YouTube channel, you have the option to either allow and disallow embedding. The embedding feature enables users to take your video and publish it on their website, blog, or other channels, which can help you gain even more exposure. You can turn on the feature by visiting the Video Manager, clicking Edit under the particular video, going to the Advanced Settings and checking the embed option. To embed the video, a user needs to simply copy and paste the link that shows up when they click to share.

Engage with Your People


The rule of engagement is that it works both ways; if you want other users to engage with you, you need to engage with them. Engagement include subscribing to their channels, responding to their comments, creating and uploading response videos, collaborating with other brands and running contests for viewers. Since YouTube is like a social media community, like other networks, the engagement on the platform has to be relevant, genuine and real-time. If you engage directly with your viewers through responses and contents, it will keep them coming back as well as create loyal viewers.