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YouTube Marketing Trends for 2018

As the internet and social media marketing are evolving, so is YouTube. The platform provides a great opportunity to new users elaborating their career with no boundaries. If your brand is part of these industries; Gaming, Music, Fashion etc, then you should use the platform to market your brand in 2018. Here are the top marketing trends of 2018 on YouTube that can get you more views and help build a stronger brand identity. Another way to increase your viewer count is to Buy Real YouTube Views

360° Video

A combination between virtual reality and common videos, 360-degree videos allow the customer to be in touch with the brand and interact with it through media. The viewer can control various features of the content, like the angle and perspective while watching it. What makes these videos stand out is that they provide a cheaper and easier way to experience virtual reality. Without the need of any special tools or gadgets, viewers can enjoy the brand-new strategy, which makes it more accessible to a lot of potential customers. 360-degree videos are often very easily played in mobile devices that makes it pretty convenient, considering a huge percentage of the traffic based on advertisement is done through tablets or mobile phones. These videos catch more views, subscribers and shares as compared to standard videos, that can make it a big thing in 2018. This year, the trend will get more developed. Moreover, developers are also considering to include buying options when the video ends. The swipe to buy option will soon be available in YouTube, where these videos will play a major role.

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Gaming Videos

From a past few years, the gaming industry has been working hard in the development of new gaming platforms and e-sports is the latest new gaming sensation. An e-sport is an online competition based on video games. According to statistics, the e-sport is estimated to be worth approximately $1.5 billion by 2020. This shows the rush that virtual gaming has created all across the globe, which is why brands of several areas invest in gaming videos. From game developers and computers to accessories and clothing brands, every niche can benefit by making gaming videos.

How to… videos

Recently, video tutorials are gaining a lot of fame, and video marketing has gained ground on YouTube and internet. The video-sharing platform has become the biggest network where you can watch and post how-to videos. A picture is worth a thousand words; imagine how many words is a video worth. Customers tend to believe and buy some products more if they see how it works. Tutorial videos can work well in various different brand niches, and the combination of influencers and tutorials can boost your business to the top.

Live Video Streaming

This is accessible for marketing on almost any social media platform. Live videos can help build a really good relationship between the brand and the customers, as it allows for interaction in real time. Your business can get more human and clients appreciate a brand with a face, as it makes it more trustable. With live video streaming, you can create more engagement with the existing customers as well as attract potential ones. Since YouTube is a platform that is used by millions of active users every day who are seeking for something interesting to watch. There are various topics available for video live streaming, from important people of the company to interviews, from tutorials of how to use your products to the production of the products along with behind-the-scenes of the business.  When creating YouTube marketing strategy in 2018, you should pay special attention to live question and answers where some of the staff can interact with the viewers and answer their queries. In addition to this, live streaming events is an acute way of selling and make people who are not present to be a part of it.


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