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5 Ways to Get Subscribers on YouTube

As of 2017, YouTube is second largest search engine that has more than a billion active users, which is nearly equal to one-third of all internet users. This makes it highly significant to use the platform to promote yourselves and build a loyal brand audience. While you can Buy Real YouTube Views to increase the viewer count, here are some tips that can help you increase your subscriber count.

Post Regularly and Consistently

Just like any other social media network, YouTube requires consistency in posting. If you simply post a video and then wait to get subscriptions, it is most likely not going to work. However, if you constantly and regularly post new content to your channel, you are giving a reason to users to subscribe to your channel. Planning and scheduling content weekly or monthly can help you be consistent with YouTube content. Once you start posting videos every week or month, you will have more assets for your viewers. Account managers and sales teams constantly looking for assets to use to sell your products.

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Use Call to Actions

It is essential to use call to action in your videos because they give you the opportunity to convert a casual viewer into lead, subscriber or a paying customer. However, you do not want to over-brand or seem very needy of shares, so don’t just place call to action to go to your website. Instead, you can ask users to share your video or subscribe to your channel. Once your subscribers start growing, then you can ask viewers to visit your website and view more content. Keep posting videos that grab a user’s attention and make them want to click on the call to action and subscribe. This will help build more trust and ultimately lead to a happy audience.

Optimize for Search Results

Similar to Google and Bing, YouTube is also search engine, where search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for getting your videos to rank higher. It will make your video show up in the list when a user searches for a keyword related to your content. As part of effective optimization techniques, make sure the keyword selection, description and title of each video is directly related to your content. For instance, if you are rock band that posts their music recordings, a good idea is to focus on your content around highly searched phrases and keywords relevant to the industry. You should try to find what people who like rock music search for and include those keywords. Make sure the keywords are used in title and the description. This is the perfect way to get more subscribers for your channel by ranking higher in the search results for frequently-searched keywords.

Add Annotations

Including annotations in your videos is one of the most effective ways to engage viewers and make your content more interactive. You can layer hotspots, add links or text over the video with specific annotations on certain parts of the video. As mentioned earlier, it is okay to promote your brand, but being overly promotional is not. Hence, avoid making the annotations all about sending users to your website. To get more subscribers, it is more important to focus on the content you post on YouTube and making the hard sell can result in more harm than good. In addition to this, make sure to add annotations that give the users option to skip ahead in video, jump to another video or instruct them to subscribe to your channel.

Monitor YouTube Analytics

If you do not have a habit of checking your YouTube Analytics regularly, you are missing out on a number of opportunities. Start with the Overview Report that will show you how your video performed over the last 28 days. You can also use Analytics tools to know where your viewers are from and the devices are they are using to watch your content along with visual and statistical breakdowns of several other metrics. With more than 50% of the traffic on YouTube coming from mobile, it would be a wise thing to adjust your content length and annotation placement accordingly.


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