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5 Things to Avoid as a YouTube Marketer

Did you know YouTube’s userbase makes up one third of the internet population with more than a million users? The platform generates billions of views every day, which makes it a great channel to create awareness for your brand. YouTube marketing is such a powerful tool that often marketers overestimate its feasibility and end up making mistakes. Nonetheless, here are some mistakes that you should avoid for successful marketing.

Do not Rely on Video going Viral


Although there are a lot of videos on YouTube that go viral, chances of a particular video going viral are small, especially if you are just beginning to market your brand. Hence, relying for your videos to go viral and getting a lot views without sharing them is not a good option and probably just a waste of time. You can also Buy Real YouTube Views to increase the viewer count. Video marketing on YouTube takes a lot of time. Your brand will drive a lot of traffic, but just not within a few days. Consistent efforts for a long time, probably months, and sharing content on various platforms is your key to successful marketing.

Do not Upload Standalone Videos


Instead of uploading too many standalone videos, your preference should be to create a series or a collection to keep things organized. On YouTube, you can create a channel to build a personal space for your brand. Customize the background of the channel’s page according to the brand theme. This way you are more likely to build a larger audience and it will be easier for people to find your videos. Also, if viewers like what you are posting, they might subscribe to your channel and stay updated on more content from you. Take some time out to develop a YouTube channel for your brand with a creative layout relevant to your company and target audience.





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Do not Forget the CTAs


Do your videos tell viewers what to do next? Do they take them to your website? What do you expect a user to do if they are interested in your products? A significant part of marketing is to tell people to take an action. Same goes for YouTube marketing. With relevant calls to action or CTAs, you can transform views into clicks and then into sales. This can be done by creating annotations to redirect viewers to your website. Make sure the call to action is persuasive and coherent. Other ways to include CTAs are:

  • CTA in the video description
  • An overlay CTA
  • CTA within the video (telling viewers to visit your website)
  • End cards CTA

Do not Always be Selling


It is understandable that you are using YouTube to market your products and increase sales. However, too much selling does not work well. Instead, audience will be more interested to see content with which they can connect and engage. You may not receive a lot of engagement by airing your next commercial, but you are more likely to get a lot of thumbs ups if you post videos to help your target audience. Often marketers use their channels to post short promotional videos that only focus on getting the product sold. These videos are not watched by a lot of people and do not perform well from a marketing point of view. Whatever content you publish should be aimed to deliver value, help views and solve problems. For instance, if you are a brand that sells cosmetics, then you can share makeup tutorials where the person is using your products.


Do not Ignore the Analytics


One of the pros of using YouTube for marketing is that it features analytics tool that allows the person to track the performance of their videos. The tool lets you know the source of your traffic, demographic of your viewers and the engagement rates on particular videos. Sometimes marketers forget to view the analytics, which results in poor viewer count. The reason for this is that YouTube Analytics provides you information about what type of content is being watched more and what is not getting any views. With this knowledge, you can create more videos that resonate with your audience and improve overall marketing.

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