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YouTube presents new means for Channels to Earn Money

YouTube is set to present more ways for content creators to make more money directly from viewers! The new features include:
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Super Stickers

Developing from a previously released feature; Super Chats, YouTube has come up with Super Stickers. Super Chats basically lets viewers buy messages whilst Super Stickers will let viewers buy animated stickers to send in a live video stream. Content creators will earn a sizeable amount of the income YouTube will make from purchase of each super sticker or message. Some are earning over $400 a minute.

Membership Tiers

Channel membership tiers is like another existing feature; Petron that YouTube is developing from. Formerly, viewers paid a flat amount of $4.99 each month in order to get access to restricted content. Now however, content creators can create tier-based pricing. This new feature will permit them to offer more content for a substantial monthly fee. Creators can set up to 5 tiers for channel memberships with different benefits for each level.

Merch Self

YouTube has added 5 new partners Rooster Teeth, DFTBA, Represent, Crowdmade and Fanjoy. Creators who mete out products using one of these companies can now use YouTube’s ‘merch self.’

You can also buy best quality YouTube Likes/Views.

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